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Software Freedom Day 07: Open source Leadership e-Course

E world is the gift of our century. We have good internet structure to reach every country of the world. Have lots of people who have access to internet. Day by day the number is increasing. Its trouble some that still we are far to use of ICT for Development properly. World has leakage to orient internet users in right direction. Situation is demanding new type of leadership known as e leadership. The main benefit of e leadership is you can change the world as you want without geographic worries. To facilitate other at the beginning you no need to think about developing content of data. We have internet, the source of continues information.

To celebrate software freedom day07 and create new type of leadership Youth Forum for ICT Development Bangladesh and Bangladesh Open Source Network jointly organize one month long free Open Source Leadership e Course from 1 st Oct 01- 26 th Oct 2007. This was the first e course organized from Bangladesh . Executive Director of Center for Human Development Md. Biozid Jessorey was main facilitator of this course. Besides of this from CHD Shoag Ahmed, Md. Jashim Uddin, from BdOSN Mr. Munir Hashan, Mr. Mahay Alam Khan, Md. Belayet Hossain was involved in different steps like management, mythology, curriculum development etc. All the facilitators were involved with volunteer initiatives. 12 participants from Bangladesh , Burundi , Gambia , Guyana , Jordan and Sierra Leone were attending this course. Four week long this course increase capacity of Open source, e Leadership and wikipedia of the participants. At the end of the course participants create an e leaders group in Taking IT global with the aim to involve ICT more with development process and create new e leaders. To be member of this group its need to send e mail with interest at: e-Leaders-subscribe@groups.takingitglobal.org