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The first Humanist forum at Bangladesh

Under the words of Humanism for our future, The first Humanist forum of the Bangladesh was held at Academy for Planning & Development's auditorium at city's Nilkhet. At 14 th july 2006 . The event was participated by 500 humanist members and enthusiasts from various parts of the nation as well as few expatriates. The day started with a brief welcome note by Mr. Ayub Ansari which was followed by a short literature on the forum's history and a multimedia presentation which was by far and large informative & interesting. The presentation analyzed aspects of social problems and explored ideas for probable solutions.
Shortly after the presentation each audience were given eight subject categories to choose from. These diverse and pragmatic subjects were Education, Health, Youth, Women, Culture, Poverty, Ecology and Violence. After choices were made each group was given a set of persisting problems and asked to give his/her opinion on how to solve the problem under a moderator for each group. As each member voiced their own version of solutions to problems it was moderators' duty to analyze and choose the best suggestion from varied and diversified resolutions. Thus eight solutions were reached addressing eight pressing problems. After some adjustment a final synthesis was reached, upon and thereafter a proposal which included all eight aspects the initial discussion.
This tactic not only has the involvement of each member in an equal manner but it also allows THM to find the best strategy to achieve its objective. In addition, this technique also has the benefit of creating opportunity for members to gather, share ideas & experiences, and evaluate performance.
Associates from USA , Australia , Spain , Mozambique , Pakistan and Nepal were also among participants