W ell come to visit our site. Center for Human Development is youth lead non-profit social organization. To direct it activities by ordinary people without any kind of discriminations it encourage volunteerism. It implements non profit projects on Health, ICT, Education and Quality of life. It aspires to construct a new world with new forms of personal relations and characterized by solidarity and non-violence. It also establishes relationship of interchange and carries out joint actions with other national, regional and international organizations that agree with it's objectives and procedures.



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National Consultation Workshop on Youth Engagement in Climate Change

?As environment activist we should know climate change on Human right perspective.? Said Md. Biozid Jessorey, executive Director Center for Human Development during his presentation on Environment and Climate Change: Human Right Perspective. National Consultation Workshop on Youth Engagement in Climate Change has held at the auditorium of Women Voluntary Association (WVA), Dhaka, Bangladesh at 29-30 July 2008. There are 120 youth from different organization has attended the workshop. More...

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Worlds AIDS Day 07 celebration in Bangladesh

'Take the Leads. Stop AIDS; keep the promise' under this banner On December 1, 2007 at 9.00- 10.00 am . Center for Human Development organized a rally of 100 youths at Dhaka Partnership with Global Youth coalition on hiv/AIDSand BMSF. The rally starts from asad gate and end at agargao. At the Manik mia avenue the rally join with national rally of 15000 people. Part of National AIDS/STD program organized by Ministry of Health and Family well fare. After the rally members also make a gathering on AIDS and youth leadership issue. The gathering was chair by Kairuzzaman Kamal, Moderate by Badiuzzaman Tota, among the participants, Bidhan and Zannati give speak on the day.

Youth Forum for ICT Development, Bangladesh

Stand up, Speak out: CHD ED's profile on BBC world

Md.Biozid Jessorey's profile in the BBC article: Global voices against poverty, Tuesday, 16 October 2007 .............................. People all over the world are taking part in a day of action to hold Governments to a UN pledge, made seven years ago, to eradicate poverty by 2015. Organizers of the Stand Up Speak Out event, which started at 2100 GMT on Tuesday, are using everything from concerts to kite-flying events to draw attention to their demands? ....................................................... Full article at- http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/7047616.stm


Software Freedom Day 07: Open source Leadership e-Course

To celebrate software freedom day07 and create new type of leadership Youth Forum for ICT Development Bangladesh and Bangladesh Open Source Network jointly organize one month long free Open Source Leadership e Course from 1 st Oct 01- 26 th Oct 2007. This was the first e course organized from Bangladesh . Exicutive Director of Center for Human Development Md. Biozid Jessorey was main facilitator of this course. 12 participants from Bangladesh , Burundi , Gambia , Guyana , Jordan and Sierra Leone were attending this course. More...


International Youth Day 07 Celebration in Bangladesh

Be seen Be heard: Youth Participation for Development, under this banner Bangladeshi youth organizations networks jointly organize International Youth Day celebration in Bangladesh on 12 th August 2007. Part of the event there was a special news letter published by youth lead volunteer organization Center for Human Development, national work shop on ICT, HIV and employment at Business Faculty auditorium. University of Dhaka , Bangladesh . There are 500 young people attend the workshop. More...

24 th Annual International AIDS candlelight memorial

24 th Annual International AIDS candlelight memorial was celebrated on 20 th of May 2007 at National Press Club, Dhaka , Bangladesh . There were more than 500 people have joined that event. Md. Biozid Jessorey, Exicutive Director and members of Center for Human Development are participate at the event. This event was jointly organized by all the national and international organizations that working on HIV/AIDS movement in Bangladesh .


HIV/AIDS awareness campaign: 10000 leaflets were distributed

Youth are the driven force of any society. To celebrate the Global Youth Service Day, 2007 Center for Human Development, Bangladesh (CHD) organize HIV/AIDS Campaign at 21 st April, 2007 . The campaign was starts from 9.30 and end at 3.30. During the Campaign More...

Quiz and discussion on international mother language day, 2007

To increase knowledge capacity of high school students at 17 th February, 2007 at Mukul Nikaton High School , Center for Human Development, Mymensing Bitorko Porishod and United Nationals Information Center , Dhaka jointly organize quiz and discussion on international mother language day. More...

Non-violence writing workshop

To create new non-violence volunteer writer for people's pen at 21august 2006, 5 pm humanists of center for human development organized a non-violence writing workshop at Farmgate globe center. More...


Human chain at International Youth Day, 2006

To celebrate international youth day 2006 humanist from center for human development create a human chain in front of national museum at 10.30am . Volunteers attend there with different festoons on youth and social conflicts. There are 300 youth from different organizations also join with them.


The first Humanist forum at Bangladesh

Under the words of Humanism for our future, The first Humanist forum of the Bangladesh was held at Academy for Planning & Development's auditorium at city's Nilkhet. At 14 th july 2006 . The event was participated by 500 humanist members and enthusiasts from various parts of the nation as well as few expatriates. More....